Why Increase Your EQ?

From decreasing stress, to increasing income potential
from improving relationships, to increasing personal happiness
there are dozens of reasons that you may want to
increase your Emotional Intelligence.

This site is full of information and educational opportunities
to improve your EQ and improve your life.


See the Benefits...

EQ for Parents

Ensure your child’s emotional well being
by understanding how their emotions work,
and how you play into that emotional
landscape. EQ in parents and kids reduces
bullying, helps improve school grades, and
increases a child’s overall happiness
and well being.


I'm a Parent...

Emotional Intelligence in Business

For Employers:
Up to 70% Reduction in Absenteeism
Up to 94% Reductions in Turnover Intention
Outperformance vs. S&P 500 Index

For Employees:
Higher Overall Success, Higher Incomes,
Higher Job Satisfaction, Lower Stress Levels,
Better Health, Better Conflict Resolution, and more…


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Emotional Intelligence Classes

Raise Your EQ

We offer classes in Emotional Intelligence Training for multiple groups.  Click here to see how you can increase your EQ.

Emotional Intelligence Reading List

Suggested Reading List

This is our suggested reading list.  EIU classes deliver a higher level understanding than these books, but they are still good resources.

Emotional Intelligence Science

The Latest EI Articles

Click here to read the latest science on Emotional Intelligence.  These include articles, studies, and general weblinks to EI info.

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